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Why Choose
We know that we have to earn your trust...

20 Free Bids: When you sign up. No strings. No credit card required.

Buy Bids: All bids cost just $0.25 Minimum bid pack is 40 bids for $10.00. You can buy bids from any page on our site.

Free To Win: You will never have to pay the auction price. All regular auctions are capped at $0.00.

Free Shipping: We will never charge a shipping fee.

Fast Shipping: E-Cards within 24 hours. All other items is 2 to 5 days to continental United States and 4 to 7 days to Alaska and Hawaii. If you happen to be in the middle of nowhere and you receive your win a day late, please do not hold it against us.

No Reserve: We will never have a reserve of any kind on any auction.

20 free bids for Referrals: Send us a new member and get 20 free bids. No purchase necessary.

24/7 Phone Support: Yep! This is not a typo. You can call us any time for any reason and get a live person based in the United States. There is even a good chance you will be talking to the President of the company.

Refund Policy: You will always be able to receive a refund for any unused paid bids for any reason. All paid bids only are refundable, and we will not ask you to close your account! Your bids belong to you “not us” until you spend them.

Bid Expiration: Bids never expirer and never lose value.

Always Fair Fun and Secure. Made In USA

Total Transparency:
One big way for us to earn your trust is to be open and honest about every aspect of AreaBids as possible. To learn more about our company, see “About Our Company” page.

How many times have gone to a pa site and paid .65 per bid only to find out that other bidders only paid .12 per bid or even free bids. We feel that all bidders should have an equal vested stake in any auction. No favoritism. Only new members and refferrals get 20 free bids and all members can collect up to 4 free bids a day just for logging in and bidding on our free to bid bonus auctions.

From every page on our site, you can see current game and server stats. Total Registered Members, Total Live Auctions, Total Closed Auctions. No individual member stats are provided other then what is provided on the member profile page, except to that member from their MyAccount page.

Although we do not disclose personal information about our members, any visitor to AreaBids can view any auction we ever had along with complete bid history. Visitors can view a complete list of our members from our “List All Members” page. Go to any member's profile page by clicking on their username. View when they signed up, what state they are from, member image and a member comment. You can see what auction they are currently bidding on and their lifetime win history.

We developed the software for from the ground up to be simple, fast, secure and reliable. We used some older technologies to accommodate some older browsers and smart devises as well as the latest technologies such as a Flat File Data Base. This means we have no conventional database that will get too large or corrupted and slow down the server. A better experience for our members.

Our interest in gaming development, gaming theory and odds and probability allowed us to develop a true game engine. This means all gamming functions are executed from server memory and any html or programs files are pre compiled and cached in server memory. Much faster response time and more accurate data for our members.

AreaBids is hosted on a dual xeon quad core dedicated server with a 1000mb Ethernet connection to the internet.

If you have not noticed yet, we require all new members when they sign up to be phone verified. This helps protect us from fraud and helps protect our members from collusion from other bidders with throwaway accounts.


Bid Balance:
You will always know what bids remain in your account in real time, from every page. When you are on the home page or any live auction page, you will see your bid balance inside every auction window for your convenience. Never have to take your eyes off an auction again. Let us see how long it takes other sites to copy this one.

Auto Bidder:
Our team and I think we may have the best auto bidder on the planet. The simplicity, usability, accuracy and fairness of our auto bidder is simply the best. See “How It All Works” for more detail.

Win Limits
Two wins per day. Clock is reset at 12:01am each day.
Ten wins per week. Clock is reset at 12:01am on Sunday each week.

Free To Bid auctions.
Free To Bid auctions. No cost per bid. Just pay the auction-ending price. Free Shipping. No bid pack purchase necessary. Please do not over bid these auctions unless you intend to pay the final auction price. If you win and do not pay for the auction, you will not be able to bid on future “Free To Bid” auctions.

All Bids Back auctions
All Bids Back auctions. When the auction closes, all bidders get their bids back, including the winner. This is the best deal anywhere!
News & Updates. 11/6/13
We are sorry to inform everyone that tonight is the last night for AreaBids . We gave it our best shot and had a lot of fun running AreaBids. Everyone can clearly see the obstacles we face.

Give us 3 days to audit all member accounts. For members that have less than $10 in paid bids left in their accounts, you will receive an Amazon Ecard. Members with greater than $10, please email or call us.

If you have unclaimed wins in your account, please claim them as soon as possible so we can get your wins to you.

We will leave AreaBids up for awhile so that all members will have opportunity to manage their account.

If you are interested in buying our domain and or our software. Please contact us.

Note: In the event that AreaBids is sold to someone else, no member data is included in the sale. All members will be contacted by us asking if they won’t to move to the new site. We promised our members that we will protect their personal data and we will. No personal data will be transferred.

Paul J Neal

Win Limits
Daily Win: - 2
Weekly Win: - 10

Last 5 Winners.
A# 4605
$25 Best Buy Gift Card Retail $25 A#4605
$25 Best Buy Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4604
Bonus. 2 Free Bids. Retail $0 A#4604
Bonus. 2 Free Bids. Retail $0
A# 4603
$25 Amazon Gift Card Retail $25 A#4603
$25 Amazon Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4602
$25 Walmart Gift Card Retail $25 A#4602
$25 Walmart Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4601
$25 Target Gift Card Retail $25 A#4601
$25 Target Gift Card Retail $25

Current Server Stats.
8- On AreaBids Now
372- Total Members
2- Live Auctions
4605- Closed Auctions