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News & Updates.

First Time Bid Pack Bonus Offer! 11/4/13
New and Exesting Members: When you buy your first “Any Size” bid pack, you will receive an additional 50% in free bids. Example: Buy a 100 Bid Pack for $25, get 50 free bids for a total of 150 bids. Allow up to 4 hours for free bids to be added to your account.

Due to recent changes to our site, we will allow all existing members the opportunity to take advantage of our one time bid pack bonus offer.

News & Updates. 11/1/13
We are going back to our original business plan. Back to when we first started. We have received a lot of email from members demanding that we should be a real penny auction site. On the most part, we agree.

Our bid price will go back to 25c per bid. We will start with at least 4 $25 gift cards. We will offer existing members a 1 time bid discount. Win limits will be in effect. We will continue capped auction price of $0.00. You will never have to pay the auction price or shipping charges. We will continue to offer the daily bonus auction twice a day for 2 free bids each.

We will convert all bids to this new format. 25 to 1. Example: if you have 1000 bids in your account, you will then have 40 bids +1. We will offer prizes that reflect the new pricing model.

As always, you can request a refund for unused paid bids.

If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like us to consider, please call 609-713-9028 or email: any time 24/7
News & Updates. 11/6/13
We are sorry to inform everyone that tonight is the last night for AreaBids . We gave it our best shot and had a lot of fun running AreaBids. Everyone can clearly see the obstacles we face.

Give us 3 days to audit all member accounts. For members that have less than $10 in paid bids left in their accounts, you will receive an Amazon Ecard. Members with greater than $10, please email or call us.

If you have unclaimed wins in your account, please claim them as soon as possible so we can get your wins to you.

We will leave AreaBids up for awhile so that all members will have opportunity to manage their account.

If you are interested in buying our domain and or our software. Please contact us.

Note: In the event that AreaBids is sold to someone else, no member data is included in the sale. All members will be contacted by us asking if they won’t to move to the new site. We promised our members that we will protect their personal data and we will. No personal data will be transferred.

Paul J Neal

Win Limits
Daily Win: - 2
Weekly Win: - 10

Last 5 Winners.
A# 4605
$25 Best Buy Gift Card Retail $25 A#4605
$25 Best Buy Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4604
Bonus. 2 Free Bids. Retail $0 A#4604
Bonus. 2 Free Bids. Retail $0
A# 4603
$25 Amazon Gift Card Retail $25 A#4603
$25 Amazon Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4602
$25 Walmart Gift Card Retail $25 A#4602
$25 Walmart Gift Card Retail $25
A# 4601
$25 Target Gift Card Retail $25 A#4601
$25 Target Gift Card Retail $25

Current Server Stats.
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